Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century | Book Review

Women's Ministry in the 21st CenturyWomen’s Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas is a handbook for new and seasoned ministry leaders. As a founder and ministry director for online Bible studies, I was excited to buy this book and learn from it. The book was overflowing with ideas and bursting with creativity. There are almost 250 ideas for leading women in this book!  The book sections include:

Friendship and Fun
Serving Others
Spiritual Growth
Ten-Minute Devotions
Bible Studies
Movie Club/Book Club
Celebrations and Events
Leader Helps (forms)

While the book is primarily geared for local ministries, with a little modification and creativity some of the ideas could be implemented for online Bible study and women’s groups. This is an interesting handbook primarily geared towards fellowship, social activities and outreach. If you are looking for a book on leading a ministry or teaching Bible studies, this would not be useful for that purpose.

My Amazon Rating 3/5

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