Women in Christian Ministry (Book Review)

Women in Christian MinistryNot all free books are worth reading, and some are downright awful! When I saw the book titled Women in Christian Ministry by Sis. Kimberly M. Hartfield I was drawn to the title. As a Womens Ministry Director, I was interested in learning how women serve in the Church. By the time I finished reading the book 41 minutes later, I realized it’s the worst book I’ve ever read! The theology was misaligned and misinformed. The editing and writing style were like none I’ve ever seen before. The entire book is 78 pages on Kindle.

Here are a few highlights:

“These women and many others, some of whom were married, some of whom were not, some who had a questionable history, and others who did not, all helped to support and further Jesus’ ministry. Though He may not have called them as He called His disciples, neither did He forbid them following Him, nor forbid their participation in His ministry.” (poor editing)

“We must pray for a godly person to show them the truth that we are God’s anointed ones just as they themselves are also.” (poor editing)

“One of the first women Yeshua loved was his Mother Mary. The interactions between Yeshua and this Mary were typical of mother and child relationships in that Yeshua asserted an independent spirit in those interactions.”

“There are so few godly men in the church and ministry today, that women might fill that void, lest the fields go unharvested and many souls be lost to the ungodliness of the times.”

“Baptismal Service Candidate for Baptism should place one hand on top and one hand underneath minister’s left forearm. While placing the left hand on the person’s right shoulder, raise your right hand and repeat the following: In observance of the teaching of Yeshua Christ, our Sovereign Savior, I baptize you, my child in the name of Yahweh God, Yeshua, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Move the left hand to the person’s nose…:”

On her website she calls this “Gender Neutral Godhead Baptismal” and her book theology argues for a gender neutral Godhead. She claims to be Southern Baptist though she does not reference her Bible translation in the book copyright or in the content.

This is the worst book I’ve ever read. She has published numerous books on Amazon and has a passion for writing Christian books. I’m unsure how this one made it to the Christian bestsellers list and captured my attention for 41 minutes today. 

My Amazon Rating 1/5

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