The Gift of Time

By December 5, 2013Librarian

What is the greatest gift you can give a family member or a friend? It’s simply the gift of time. This week I met with two dear friends, Vicki and Linda, and both taught me about this precious gift called time.


When I asked Vicki how she enjoyed her Thanksgiving holiday, she shared how she celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas, since her adult children were visiting from another state.

Her daughter asked, “Mom, what do you really want for Christmas?”

Vicki replied, “Honey, all I really want is a gift card for shopping and I want you to go with me as we spend the money on the card.”

She then explained how they spent the next day together shopping and having lunch. Vicki explained “I really didn’t want the gift card or money, what I wanted was to spend the day with alone my daughter.  It was the best gift of all.”

Later I met with Linda and we had lunch at her favorite little cafe. We often visit this place where the food is terrible, the tables are always full, and it’s so noisy you have to lean in to hear each other speak. During lunch she gave me a beautiful Christmas candle and shared the story how she buys one for herself each December to scent her house with the smell of Christmas. Immediately I loved the candle, a reminder of our time together.

I realized that it wasn’t the gift Linda presented to me, it was her gift of time. These are treasured moments as we talk about our children, our Bible studies and God.  She could have given me a paperclip and I would have been equally satisfied, as the memories we shared together are more valuable than any gift.

Time is precious, spent with a friend. Time is a priceless gift with lasting value.

When is the last time you gave someone the gift of time? Prayerfully ask the Lord to reveal the names of people to spend time with. Create a list, pray over it and then begin your invitations. Create memories that last a lifetime…with the simple gift of time.

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