Save Money on College Textbooks

By August 9, 2014Librarian

College TextbooksI’ve completed my financial check-in for Liberty University and now I’m ready to save money on my textbooks. The first time I ordered textbooks I used the school bookstore, and 50% of my books arrived used and highlighted with yellow marker (though I paid full price). Now I order my books from Amazon and I’ve been saving money too. Here’s how I do this:

How To Order College Textbooks

  1. Login to your college website
  2. On Blackboard, click Assist> Student> Registration>Add or Drop Classes. Copy your course and section number down onto a sticky note (ex: PRTH 141)
  3. On Blackboard, click Assist> Student> Registration>My Books
  4. Click “Get Books” for the term you are registered for (Example: Fall 2014). You will be redirected to the MBS Direct bookstore (I got a blank white screen/system failure using Firefox).
  5. If the system fails as it did for me visit the direct link:
  6. Click “order books”
  7. Click “Pay with credit card or PayPal”
  8. Select Term (ex: Fall 2014 A) and program (ex: undergraduate)
  9. Search for books using course number (ex: PRTH141) make sure there is no space in the course number. Click “add” and put the books into the MBS Direct shopping cart. Repeat for all your classes.
  10. Print your MBS list of books.
  11. Visit Amazon and compare prices, shipping dates and availability.
  • For my three online classes, my MBS shopping cart price before shipping and tax equals $179.77
  • The same books in my Amazon shopping cart before shipping and tax equals $155.90

You can save additional money buying Kindle version of the books or used books via Amazon. I saved about $24 and with Amazon Prime my books are shipped free and arrive in two days.

One word of caution, if you want to save money you need to order the books early! They sell out on Amazon because so many students are buying their required books at discount prices!


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