Book Review | Malestrom by Carolyn Custis James

malestromMalestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World  by Carolyn Custis James is an intellectual and well-researched examination of culture. She digs into “male power” from a cultural and Biblical perspective.  Chapter topics include:

  • The Father Wound
  • The Rise of Women
  • The Marginalized Man
  • Gender Role Reversal
  • The Manhood of Jesus
  • Liberating Men From the Malestrom

I’m a fan of Carolyn Custis James books, especially The Gospel of Ruth which my pastor recommended reading. The Malestorm book is more challenging and might be difficult to read at times. Her writing style in this book resembles the thesis work of a graduate student rather than entertainment writing typically associated with books.

Book Description

Malestrom builds on and expands previous books by Carolyn Custis James to explore the idea of manhood, a growing issue both in the wider culture and in the church. Until now, the entire discussion has been largely reduced to Western conceptions. Instead, James here shows how our culture’s narrow definitions of manhood are upended when we consider the examples of men in the Bible and Jesus’ gospel. Together, they show a whole new Kingdom way of being male and forging men and women into the Blessed Alliance.

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