JumpStart Your Leadership | Book Review

JumpStart Your LeadershipJumpStart Your Leadership by John C. Maxwell is a easy book to read and digest. You can read the entire book in just over one hour, or you can read the daily tips for three consecutive months.The book content was originally published in Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership book.

As you read the book, it’s obvious this is a summary of another book with larger ideas. This jumpstart concept is divided into 90 ideas. Each idea begins with a short paragraph and is followed by a leadership question for reflection. Here are some of the leadership questions from the book:

  • Write down one positive thing you can honestly say about each person on your team. Then take the time during this next week to compliment each person with it.
  • Consider a candid conversation you have had that did not lead to a positive result. If you could redo the conversation, what might you say differently to emphasize the person’s potential and how you could help them reach it?
  • Are you avoiding a difficult conversation you know a team member needs? Why? What step will you take today to discuss it with them?

These would be good journal prompts for leaders, or agenda items for a team meeting.

The book is similar to a devotional in format and structure, however it’s leadership-based and not faith-based.. Each day begins with a leadership quote, followed by a short paragraph based on Maxwell’s book The 5 Levels of Leadership, and concludes with a journal prompt. It’s very simplistic and easy to use.

While seasoned leaders might find the book too basic, the audience is geared towards newer leaders starting their careers. It’s basic material rather than deep wisdom. There were a few times I wondered if John Maxwell was the author or if the book was written by someone else, perhaps by an editor. For a deeper study, read Maxwell’s entire book The 5 Levels of Leadership and use this as a supplemental action plan.


My Amazon Rating 3/5


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