Book Review: Noah The Official Movie Novelization

noahmovieThere are some heated conversations in social media and news magazines about the Noah movie, making it’s debut this weekend. Well known actors Russell Crowe and Emma Watson headline the movie, while the movie’s atheist director is stirring controversy. Once the movie makes it’s grand debut this weekend, Christians and their comments will exploding online! This “baiting the Christians” seems to happen this same time every year, as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. Is this simply a science-fiction movie, or is it mocking God and the Bible?

So my question is…if these Christians are being baited through social media and secular news, then what matters is their response. An unbelieving world (and an atheist director) are watching! Are these Christians speaking in Christ-like love, or anger?

If you are unsure about seeing the movie, then you might want to read the book first! You can’t join a conversation about something without discernment from God. Amazon has a 7-day return policy for ebooks.

I’ve decided to read the Noah: The Official Movie Novelization book, and discern if I will take my family to see the Noah movie. The book is $6.59 for Kindle, and a movie for my family of four in California costs $40.00 BEFORE we buy any popcorn or drinks! We already have tickets to see the God’s Not Dead Movie, also making its debut in our theater this weekend.

Update: I found the book unbiblical and the author even changed the words of Scripture! It took the historical events and turned them into a politically correct version where names are changed, purposes are redesigned and the message of hope is rewritten. Unlike the Bible, this book was not divinely inspired and is nothing more then entertainment and fiction.

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About Mark Morris (via Amazon Author page)

Mark Morris is the author of over twenty novels, including Toady, Stitch, The Immaculate, The Secret of Anatomy, Fiddleback, The Deluge and four books in the popular Doctor Who range. His short stories, novellas, articles and reviews have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and magazines, and he is editor of both Cinema Macabre, a book of horror movie essays by genre luminaries for which he won the 2007 British Fantasy Award, and its follow-up Cinema Futura. His recently published or forthcoming work includes the official tie-in novel for zombie apocalypse computer game Dead Island, a novelisation of the 1971 Hammer movie Vampire Circus, and The Wolves of London, book one of the Obsidian Heart trilogy, which will be published by Titan Books in 2014. Read more about author Mark Morris on his Wiki page when you CLICK HERE

Other Books by Author Mark Morris

The Ghost Next Door:True Stories of Paranormal Encounters from Everyday People

Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor’s Last Stand

Hellboy: All-Seeing Eye (Novel)

Dead Island

Zombie Apocalypse! Horror Hospital

Based on the list of books written by author Mark Morris, I’d expect an action-packed, science fiction movie, similar to an episode of Dr. Who!

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