How to Find a Devotional Book

grace for the momentA devotional book is a reflection on scripture and prayer. Many devotional books are structured with a daily format, while others include weekly format or a page-by-page method. To select a devotional that works for you, consider the content over the format. You might look for a devotional book written by a favorite author. Maybe a friend recommended one to you or you receive a devotional as a gift. Sometimes God will call you to a season of stillness and as you pray the Holy Spirit will lead you to a collection of devotions to reflect upon.

Devotional Books for Christians

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In my devotional journey, I’ve discovered a few important features.

  • Some devotionals are mini-Bible studies, and the focus is on education rather than relationship.
  • Some devotionals are written for couples, and you need a willing partner to complete them.
  • Some devotionals are counseling books, and the content is unsolicited and unnecessary advice.
  • Some devotionals are compilations of the author’s published books.
  • Some devotionals make a lasting imprint with just a few words.
  • Some devotionals are written as if God is speaking and the author is journaling His words.

I started a journey of exploring devotional books and I’m currently reading 10 devotionals per day. This format has given me the opportunity to compare the style and structure of each devotional book. I liked Grace For the Moment: Volume One so much, that I purchased Grace For the Moment Volume Two and look forward to reading it as well- one for my morning devotion and one for the evening!

Do you have a favorite devotional? Post a comment below and share why you like the book!

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  • 3hearts1love says:

    My Utmost For His Highest! My all time everyday devotional! I believe I’ve grown closer to God through this book; it always brings me to a place of peace; it always brings me to prayer and focus.

    Thanks for the insight on your favorites, I see some I’ve always enjoyed in the past. I’m interested in the Max Lucado books, they are headed to my must read/wish list.


  • I have just ordered Whispers of Hope and looking forward to starting this. It’s a totally different type of devotional for me but I journal, writing mixed with art so I’m going to use this to combine it all!

  • I love Jesus Calling. I’m going through a Letters from John book with #HelloMornings right now that I think is called Love Abiding. I’m really enjoying it.It’s a good length – not too long but enough to get you thinking and praying!

  • mamacee7 says:

    For years I have gone back and forth between My Utmost for His Highest and A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants (from Upper Room Books) and Celtic Daily Prayer (Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community published by Harper One). This past Christmas, I asked my husband to get me Jesus Calling and so I have been reading it along with the online devotionals that can be found at You Version. I am presently reading Day by Day With Billy Graham. Each one helps to strengthen my faith but do so from different points of view. God uses the one to which He leads me to address some specific area of my life that needs work at that time.

  • That sounds like one I’d want to read, thanks for the suggestion Lisa!

  • I like the variety Nancy, it’s good to seek different authors who will focus on specific topics. I added a few of these to my wish list, thank you!

  • I hope you enjoy it Julie. I love the idea of putting art beside your journal. A women in my local home study did this and I still remember the beauty of the art as it magnifies God’s Word. Share a photo with us sometime!

  • I agree Cathy My Utmost For His Highest has some deep thoughts and it causes me to slow down my reading and pay attention to those words I will pause, reflect and read them again. Good stuff! 🙂

  • Beth Potulski says:

    I love Streams in the Desert the most and have found that it is willingly accepted and sometimes is an”opening” when given to unbelievers…..have read it for years…also switch out with Grace for the Moment and My Utmost for His Highest..which is also fabulous but sometimes my mind and heart have trouble understanding it cause it is so deep! (But deep is…so nourishing when I do understand it!)

  • I read: Jesus Calling, Dear Jesus, Jesus Today, Jesus Lives & Nearer to Jesus all by Sarah Young. I also am doing Joyce MeyerPromises for Eveyday Life.
    I have done a few of Billy Graham’s & Good Morning Girls.

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