Gel pens

I’m on my 3rd set of these Japanese Gel Pens pens, I use them often for Bible study and classes at Liberty University. Mine have NEVER smeared and I’ve never had problems with them, even living in hot weather of California. What I like most is the visibility…they work great on the thin pages of my Bible and do not smear. I also like the eraseability feature… the thin Bible pages do not tear when I erase a mark. I lean towards the darker colors for underlining my Bible and text books: greens, blues, pink, red, orange, brown. My daughter is an artist and I bought her a set of these Japanese gel pens for Christmas. She thinks they’re fabulous and uses them often, especially the fine edge. They work great on the thicker artist paper and the colors are vibrant. While they are  called “pens” they function more like a pencil. These would be great gifts for a Bible study friend, artist or student.

Look for this EXACT product description (Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Ink Pens, 0.7mm, Assorted Colors, 24/Pack (LFP312FN-24C)), there are many similar items and they smear and bleed!


gel pens for Bible study

I am very grateful to ministry leader and fellow Liberty University student Sheree Poole for introducing me to these pens when I started classes at Liberty University! Now I’m telling all my friends too!

Add this to your Christmas wish list!

Each time I order them they are shipped directly from Japan and it takes about 2 weeks for my pens to arrive in California.

These are great for Bible study, students and artists…one of my FAVORITE THINGS. 🙂



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