FitBit Buying Tips

fitbit adAre you planning to buy a FitBit device? I really think it’s a great activity tracker and it’s one of my favorite things. My husband and I use them in friendly competition…we challenge each other to the most steps walked per day. Yes, I did in fact take the dog for an extra walk so I could win the daily competition 🙂 My brother and his wife use theirs for the same purpose. My mom just bought hers after a concerning doctor diagnosis. She’s joining the family challenge.

FitBit Tips

  1. The FitBit HR plum/purple color doesn’t match many of my outfits.
  2. The FitBit HR small was too small, and there is no medium size. I’d estimate the small is equal to a bracelet size of 6 to 7 inches. When my FitBit is too small it’s REALLY ITCHY. This can be a huge discomfort so make sure you get a size that feels comfortable.
  3. When your FitBit arrives you’ll have a hard time finding the charging cable. It’s hidden inside the packaging and not labeled. Turn the box inside out, upside down, and open every little tab you can find.After 5 minutes you’ll discover the hidden cable.
  4. Don’t rip the box when you search for the charging cable or remove your activity tracker. If the size is wrong you’ll want to exchange it and the box needs to be in good condition.
  5. The sleep feature is really cool. When I wake up in the morning I can see how long it took me to fall asleep, how many times I was restless and how long I slept peacefully. This helps me adjust my daytime activities to improve my sleep cycle.
  6. My husband never removes his device unless he is charging it. The FitBit HR comes with a USB connection cable for charging. Make sure you give it a FULL charge the first time you use the device. I made the mistake of not charging fully and my device was constantly running on low battery every 24 hours, while my husband’s was charged for days at a time.
  7. Sometimes my battery life seem shorter than expected. A few Google searches helped me resolve the problem.
  8. A great way to get kids more active is to get them the FitBit Charge. Set daily or weekly activity goals and a reward for the winner each week. Sometimes it’s me because the kids spent too much time on the computer.
  9. After two years of owning my first FitBit, my brother showed me the Caller ID and Heart Rate monitor on his activity tracker. So my husband and I upgraded ours as an anniversary gift and gave our FitBit Charge devices to our kids and we now wear “couples” FitBit HR’s 🙂
  10. The FitBit app for my phone is really awesome. I can see my daily steps, resting heart rate average, miles walked, calories burned, stairs/floors climbed, active minutes, sleep pattern. I can manually input my water intake and weight. Best of all I can add friends and a little healthy competition.
  11. Connect the FitBit to your phone using Bluetooth.
  12. Connect the FitBit to MyFitnessPal app for your phone.

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