Face to Face With Jesus Book Review

face to face with JesusFace to Face with Jesus: A Former Muslim’s Extraordinary Journey to Heaven and Encounter with the God of Love by Bodie Thoene and Samaa Habib is worth reading. One of the best books I’ve read on conversions, this true story details persecution unlike anything we might imagine here in America. While this is a true story, the locations and names (including the names of the author, her family and friends) have been changed to protect the safety those involved.

This is the story of one woman’s spiritual journey. Her personal encounter with Jesus is a supernatural experience rarely shared this side of eternity. Powerful and raw emotions spill into the pages and the book is so captivating I could not put  it down. After reading the book, I had a better understanding of the cultural and religious differences and a clear picture of living in wartime conditions.

This book is so inspiring you’ll want to get the printed copy and share it with family and friends. Since the time I started reading it until the time I finished it, I was sharing what I was learning with anyone who would listen. Additionally, I was praying for a faith like Samaa’s…once that is unmoved by her environment and in constant synchronization with Jesus. Fasting, praying, tithing and loving the LORD.

My Amazon Rating 5/5



  1. What cultural differences did you learn that you were previously unaware of prior to reading the book?
  2. Is there a particular event in the book that captured your heart and left an impression?
  3. What is your opinion on Samaa’s encounter with Jesus? Do you believe her testimony? Why or why not?
  4. There are many stories of missionary work and how they influenced Samaa. Do you know a missionary personally and if so, where do they find courage for the calling?
  5. Share your thoughts about fasting, praying and tithing as demonstrated by Samaa. Is there anything you would change about your own spiritual disciplines after reading this book?
  6. If you were to ask Samaa one question, what would you ask her and why?
  7. Why did you decide to read this book? Did you enjoy it?
  8. What is the most valuable lesson you learned most after reading this book?
  9. Final thoughts: what are you going to do with the wisdom you gained from this book?

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