You’re not going to like this…and neither do we!

By December 12, 2015Featured

oopsI have some disappointing news and we’re making changes at LifeVerse Books to remain in compliance with the Associates operating agreement at Amazon. After reading some discussion boards at Amazon Associates this past week, I realize we need to adjust a few systems on our website.

The biggest change you’ll see is related to pricing. We’ll continue to grid the books into a table as we do now, with lowest priced and free books on the bottom of the grid.

  • We cannot send Amazon links in an offsite manner. This includes emails, membership style blogs, private Facebook groups or personal facebook profiles. We’ve already made this correction and do not send Amazon book links in emails. This makes sense because Amazon wants to see what we’re sharing so they can monitor Associate accounts such as ours.
  • Book and product prices cannot be manually posted on any website. We can use programs that automatically update prices with Amazon pricing so we’ll be searching for these.  We’ve corrected this and will not include prices on the daily book updates.
  • Site cannot be a “deals site only” and must include valuable content. We’ll be sharing more book reviews, articles, and things we think you’ll enjoy! We’ll still share the free and discounted book deals each day too!


One more thing, we really dislike the constant clicking back and forth between our site and the Amazon links. We’ll be implementing the system where a new browser opens each time you click the link. That is a great timesaver!


  • Be patient in this week ahead as we make these compliance adjustments.
  • Remember the free and lowest priced books are on the bottom of the book table (grid).
  • Pray for us as we adjust to the compliance format and correct our past mistakes.

These operating agreement terms make sense, especially regarding pricing. If you visit niche websites such as ours,  the prices should be consistent with the main store at Amazon. The best way for the store to maintain accuracy is for the prices to be updated automatically between the niche site and the big store.


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