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1001 Quotations That Connect | Book Review

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1001 Quotations That ConnectSince I have been sharing Christian quotes on Twitter for several years, I was delighted to see the book 1001 Quotations That Connect: Timeless Wisdom For Preaching, Teaching and Writing by the editors of Christianity Today. I took advantage of the reduced price and downloaded a copy to my Kindle. My first observation is the book structure, divided by eight topics:

  1. Apologists and Evangelists
  2. Celebrities and Newsmakers
  3. Fathers and Founders
  4. Martyrs and Missionaries
  5. Poets and Mystics
  6. Prophets and Activists
  7. Theologians and Theorists
  8. Writers and Preachers

Within each category you’ll find a few quotations, followed by the citation  source, recommended topics to incorporate the quote, and Scripture references. As an avid reader and someone who is passionate about sharing awesome quotes, I observed the shared highlights for 1001 Quotations That Connect: Timeless Wisdom For Preaching, Teaching and Writing were few! It’s rare to read a book without 50 or more highlights for one quote, and in this book I  found very few quotes were “liked” or highlighted. The publication date is 2009, so logically there should be more than 10 highlights on a favorite quote.

Most quotes are not worth sharing because they are taken out of context. For example, “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions,” by G. K. Chesterton sounds like a parable open for personal interpretation. “The church is a counterflow to the undertow,” by Leonard Sweet is confusing without listening to Soul Tsunami.

Some famous people are only given two quotations, such as Elizabeth Elliot, while Charles Finney has one quote, and Billy Graham is quoted ten times in this book. Mother Theresa is listed with three quotations out of 1,001 quotes in this book.

I’m giving this book a one star rating because I would not share any of these quotations in theological research papers, Bible teachings or social media updates. Many of these quotes are also on BrainyQuote and GoodReads. If you want original and interesting content, research your own quotes by reading books by famous people, highlight your favorites as you read, and share them with the knowledge that you actually read the book or listened to the sermon which you are quoting.

In my opinion, this is not worth the $24.99 regular price and I was disappointed to spend $2.99 on the book.