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I’m on the book launch team for “The Broken Way” by Ann Voskamp, one of my favorite authors. Her new book is releasing soon. Everything this woman writes is quotable- she has such a unique writing perspective! The official book release is five days away- grab a pre-release price TODAY and save money!

Today is my sister’s birthday today and no matter how many times I suggest it, she will NOT read ebooks or listen to Audible books. I smile as I write this because I said the exact same thing… until I WON a Kindle tablet and my resistance was crushed. Now I rarely read print books because they take too much space in my home, they are heavier to hold, and I can’t copy and paste my favorite quotes. Yep… I have transformed from a print book librarian to an ebook librarian! I have hundreds of books and store them at my fingertips in my iPad using the free Kindle reading app. Life is good! Follow me at LifeVerseBooks and grab a few freebies to build your own digital library too!

I think we should have a Kindle giveaway soon…do you? Maybe you have someone like my sister or would keep it for yourself!

Nonfiction book deals for 10/20/16 (US only)

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Fiction book deals for 10/20/16 (US only)

Free books are usually on bottom rows. All books are currently sale priced at the time of this promotion and can change without notice.

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  • So,Christine, I’m also slowly becoming a bigger fan of ebooks…it’s a little harder for me because I love writing in my books and marking them up and passing them along to people as God leads…the other issue is extreme OCD! How do you organize your books and keep them cataloged so you know what you have? I’ve tried several different ideas and can’t seem to get any of them to “click” for me. Any suggestions would be awesome! Especially since the discovery of this site, my collection is growing at an alarming rate! LOL Thanks.

    • Great question and I’m a little OCD too! I use a category feature on the Amazon Reading app, and organize my books into devotionals, fiction, Bible study, etc. I also limit the books on my device to those I’m actively reading and store the rest in the free Amazon cloud reader.

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