Book Review: Welcome to the Funny Farm

Welcome to the Funny FarmWelcome to the Funny Farm: The All-True Misadventures of a Woman on the Edge by Karen Scalf Linamen is a short eBook, just 170 pages. Author Karen Scalf Linamen says “About eighteen months ago, I met up with Chris Buri at New Life Clinic, founders of Women of Faith. He told me the organization was launching a web site and asked if I would be interested in writing a weekly humor column. Thus began “The Funny Farm.” This book contains many of the columns that originally appeared at Women of Faith. It also contains some new ones.”

This book is arranged by the four seasons, beginning with winter, and then Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Some of the chapter titles include:

*Shop Til You Drop
*Crash Diet at Freeway Speeds
*Battle Strategies for Lovers
*Freebie, Schmeebie
*Open Mouth, Insert Foot
*Crazy for Cocoa Puffs

Many articles in Welcome to the Funny Farm are written from a mom’s perspective, and since I’m raising two daughters, I did identify with some of them. Karen Scalf Linamen is the author/coauthor of nine books and contributing writer for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. She is formerly an editor at Focus on the Family and speaks at women’s events. She’s got a terrific resume and a passion for Christ. The book is missing the nonverbal elements such as tone and body language, so I found a few articles made me chuckle, however my expectations were too high and it did not send me into fits of laughter like Jon Acuff’s book Stuff Christians Like. I think an audio version of this book by Karen Scalf Linamen might send me into fits of laughter and I hope to meet her at a womens conference soon!

I love the encouragement when she says “Maybe I need to take a moment and unplug. Maybe I’m overdue for an old-fashioned heart-to-heart with the Creator of my soul. My e-mails, cell phone, faxes, and modem aren’t going anywhere. They’ll still be waiting for me, blinking and beeping.” Beautifully said!

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