Book Review Saying Grace Blessings for the Family Table

sayinggraceI bought a book on the #1 Christian Bestsellers list on Amazon yesterday and returned it when I discovered it was NOT a Christian book! I purchased the book Saving Grace: Blessings For the Family Table  by David Dean and Sarah McElwain, because I saw it was a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Christianity. Then when I sat down to read my book I was disappointed to discover it was a collection of “blessings” from false gods. While the book is a collection of historical prayers, it is not based on Christianity. Some of the prayers include: Prayer of the Ga, Zuni Prayer, Islamic Prayer, Hindu Blessing, Armenian Grace..and Yiddish Proverb. My intent in buying the book was to find a collection of Christian prayers for meals. This was not the case so I returned the book I purchased. I’m not sure why it was categorized as “Christianity.”

The book begins with the disclaimer “Most blessings collected in Saying Grace address some form of the sacred, but also included are those like the ‘cowboy blessings’ and ‘singing graces’ that say thanks in a slightly more irreverent and humorous manner.” The authors also write “The graces found here are drawn from a variety of great religious books and connect us to our ancient pasts.” Buyer beware…this is not based on Christianity, though it is listed as a bestseller on the Amazon Christianity list.

Here is an example of a blessing from the book: “This ritual is One. The food is One. We who offer the food are One. The fire of hunger is also One. All action is One. We who understand this are One. HINDU BLESSING”

After reading some of the other Amazon reviews, I saw a few people realized it is a collection of blessings and were not offended by the content. The printed version apparently has some beautiful artwork. One reviewer suggested the book for a wedding gift and another for a First Communion gift. I disagree and think it would not be an appropriate gift for a Christian and in fact, might offend them! I was able to return the book I purchased following Amazon’s Kindle Return Policy and I wrote an honest review on my opinion of the book.

My Amazon Rating 1/5

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QUESTION: Would someone please recommend a good Christian book for table prayers? I would like to use this at my Thanksgiving meal this year, I am having 22 guests for dinner and my husband will be saying grace. Thank you!


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