Book Review of Real Church in a Social Network World

real-churchReal Church in a Social Network World: From Facebook to Face-to-Face Faith  by Leonard Sweet is a misleading title. After reading the entire eBook I expected more content about social media, Facebook or Twitter.  The claim of the book is that our culture is relationship-oriented, evidenced through the rise of social media. However there was not much content on the impact of Christianity via Facebook or Twitter. Sweet does a good job defining “real church” in  relationship with others, yet he misses the opportunity to create an impact through social media. He fails to mention the widespread online communities making an impact globally in the name of Jesus. He also fails to demonstrate how these online communities connect and remain in fellowship: praying for one another, witnessing and reaching all corners of the earth. He weaves the basic human need to connect and communicate with the ministry of the church. The book has the potential to educate and enlighten Christians on the impact of social media for both the unchurched and churched people…however these topics were minimized in relation to the basic theology study. I was disappointed in both the title and the content of the book, though I have enjoyed other books by the Leonard Sweet.

My Amazon Rating 2/5

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