Book Review Miss Kays Duck Commander Kitchen

miss-kays-kitchenMiss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen by Kay Robertson brings faith, family and food into your own home. The book is filled with more than 200 pages of Robertson family recipes, stories and photos. The chapters in the book are organized from a mom’s perspective: Cooking for Phil, Feeding My Boys, When he Grandkids Come Over and Remembering Granny are some of my favorites. These are not low-calorie foods. Many of the recipes include convince brands like Jiffy Corn Muffins, Bisquick® Mix and Crisco Shortening. At the bottom of each recipe is a “Note From Miss Kay” or Phil, with a family memory. This book is absolutely delightful and the foods are similar to what my grandmother would cook. Most of the recipes use a handful of ingredients and can be prepared in a short amount of time. There is one special chapter in the book called “Wild Game Recipes” for those of you who like eating duck, deer, frogs or squirrel. I’m not a pioneer woman so I’m not going to venture into that territory!

Part of the charm in this book is Miss Kay’s personality. She is featured wearing different aprons and just as many different facial expressions. My favorite photo is her “Muffins For Moms” Mentoring Group… and she writes “Each week one of our group members hosts our session. We learned a long time ago that’s it’s not about the place, it’s about the people.” She reflects hospitality, grace and love. In the chapter called “Our Cajun Christmas” Miss Kay is holding  book from Liz Curtis Higgs, sitting beside her faith Latte mug and smiling. Kay Robertson is a role model for Christian women of any age…get a copy of Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen  and start making your own family memories!

I recommend this book as a perfect gift for someone who likes watching the Duck Dynasty Family.

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If you are getting the  cookbook you might also want the Duck Commander Seasoning mentioned in several recipes.

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