Bible Study Highlighter Pencils

By November 24, 2013Librarian

pencilsBible study highlighter pens and pencils are essential Bible study tools! When I complained about my highlighter pens bleeding through the pages, ministry leader Sheree Poole told me about these¬†12 Color Pencil Set Pilot Friction and they’re awesome. I agree with Sheree,¬†these pencils for highlighting my Bible are excellent! They do not bleed through the thin pages of my Bible and they do not smear. They are erasable too! The colors are bold and attractive. They are comfortable to hold, the cap has an eraser built-in, and when you remove the cap it clips to the bottom of the pencil and holds firmly. I use mine for seminary school and personal Bible study. I also purchased another set for my teenager daughter- she is an artist and uses them for school projects and her personal art designs. As a ministry leader for the Womens Bible Cafe, I have been recommending these to several women as an essential Bible study tool.

I ordered these Bible study pencils from Amazon and they arrived in less than a week. I ordered the larger set for my daughter and they came direct from Japan and took almost two weeks to arrive. It’s worth the wait as these are excellent. Make sure you get those listed in the photo on in this link, and the company Pilot sells similar products and they are pend not pencils…and might bleed.

To find these Bible Study Highlighters on Amazon click here.


Many thanks to Sheree Poole for introducing me to this item!!!

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