Before Amen | Book Review

Before AmenMaybe your prayers have felt dry lately? Maybe you’ve had trouble focusing on the words of your prayers? Perhaps you’re feeling distant from God and need to draw closer, but are unsure where to start. Based on the idea of “pocket prayers” Max Lucado equips his readers with a toolbox for meaningful prayers. Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer by Max Lucado is a solution to a stagnant prayer life. 

Sometimes people are strong prayer warriors and other times they might feel distracted just like Max Lucado. He writes, “Hello, my name is Max. I’m a recovering prayer wimp. I doze off then I pray…if attention deficit disorder applies to prayer, I’m afflicted. When I pray I think of a thousand things I need to do. I forget the one thing I set out to do: pray.”  He identifies a problem common in many Christian lives and then offers a solution: pocket prayers.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, they were not too proud to ask for advice. “When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He gave them a prayer. Not a lecture on prayer. Not the doctrine of prayer. He gave them a quotable, repeatable, portable prayer. To banish fear in prayer. To defy storms in prayer. To come off the mountain of prayer with the authority of a prince….the result is a simple, easy to remember, pocket-size prayer,”  explains Lucado.

Uncomplicated and easy to understand, Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer by Max Lucado contains simple solutions to a common problem. I enjoyed the powerful message and the exceptional writing style of this bestselling author.

My favorite Max Lucado quotes from the book include:

  • Prayer can be the internal voice that directs the external action.
  • Prayer is the hand of faith on the door handle of your heart.
  • Before you face the world, face your Father.
  • Sin becomes a showcase of His grace.

…and many more!

I’ve enjoyed many books written by Max Lucado and this book is another winner! I’m giving it five out of five stars and recommend reading Before Amen.

My Amazon Rating: 5/5

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