Are You Spending Too Much Money on Books?

By April 12, 2014Librarian

Ask the Librarian: How do I keep from overspending on books each month?

Answer: If you have a book addiction and are spending too much money on books, then I have a solution! Each month I purchase an Amazon gift card for myself and load the certificate into my Amazon account.  I delete any other payment methods and only use the gift card for my monthly expense. This limits my spending to my budgeted amount..and once the gift card balance reaches “zero” then I no longer buy books for that month. At the beginning of the next month, I start fresh with a new Amazon gift card. Set your monthly book budget and then challenge yourself not to exceed it!


  1. Buy yourself the Amazon Gift Card – E-mail – Amazon Kindle
  2. Visit
  3. Enter the Claim Code and click Apply to Your Account.


Give it a try! To order the Amazon Gift Card just CLICK HERE


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